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Update on Writing:

Book two of Kingdom of Stones is with the editor. My hope and dream is to have book two ready to release by July and book three ready by September.

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Thanks, everyone, and I hope to have those final two books of the Kingdom of Stones series ready soon, soon, soon.


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On April 10th, The Literary Vixen, a book blogging-avid-reading-coffee-loving extraordinaire featured an interview of yours! Be sure to visit her website, view her on Facebook, or follow her on Instagram to see the full interview.

I am beyond excited about it, so please check it out and if you have any feedback, never hesitate to reach out at

A fantasy romance retelling of Robin Hood meets The Scarlet Pimpernel set in the world of fae. The Twisted Tales:  Kingdom of Stones series is intended to be a trilogy. The first book releases on 14 February 2022. It will be free to read in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. Visit the "My Books" tab for the link or click on the title above to be redirected to Amazon.

Becoming the Outlaws of Shirewood
Twisted Tales:  Kingdom of Stones Book 1

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Did you know that fairy tales originated as dark, twisty stories? Trying to stay true to that twisted side, I incorporated the seasonal courts of the fae into Sleeping Beauty and Snow White for a fun adventure into the world of Shadoria. Join Snow and Audora as they reveal more than just the sweet fairytale endings you're used to.

I will not allow you to kill me. Not without a fight.

Said Snow to the Hunter, "The Sleeping Princess."



Snow has been cursed from speaking her own name. She knows who she is, but no one else remembers. The Hunter has tried to kill her, but she was more than he bargained for. Looking for the Crown of Roses is her last attempt to break the curse because all of her other efforts have failed. Can the one man who was meant to kill her be the only one who can help her find the crown?

Meet the main characters of the Twisted Tales: Crown of Roses series.


Princess Audora was cursed as a baby by the Autumn Court's Prince, Malecinth. She never understood the reason for the curse. Merriweather, a light fairie, could not lift the curse with her magic, but she provided a way out...true love's kiss before her eighteenth birthday would break the spell. If not, she was doomed to spend eternity in a state of slumber. Her mother continues to lure men into their world in an effort to find Audora's true love, going as far as to introduce her to the fae prince of the Summer court, but her youthful confusion makes it difficult to understand what love is let alone who her true love might be. The details of the curse, she knew. The reason behind it and the one who would implement the end was not what she expected...a betrayal she never saw coming.