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I hail from the Midwest in an area known for biking, a famous astronaut, and cranberries. Something I learned about my current state is that while the rest of the U.S.A. recognizes it for dairy, locals know that it is the U.S.'s leading cranberry producer.


I live here with my husband and our four children, but only three of them are still at home. Our oldest is now an adult and mom herself. Completing the family is our cat-dog duo. You'll see lots of pics of these two. The jury is still out whether the dog thinks she's a cat or the cat thinks she's a dog. We also have six tropical fish, two frogs, and the fastest aquatic snail I've ever seen.


Gardening, taking long walks, and imagining things for my husband and son to build are a few of my favorite activities when not reading or writing or entertaining outdoors--which is another of my favorite pastimes. 

I spent twelve years in the military in which I met some very amazing people, explored new and wonderful places, and won an all-expenses paid tour of the desert once. I earned my degree in Religious Studies with a minor in History while at home with two small children.


My favorite things are coconut water, hot tea, Fall, and planting trees. As far as reading goes, I like to spread the love across multiple genres. My leading faves are epic fantasy and romantic fantasy, but my heart first belonged to historical fiction--I just do not have the patience for the research required to write those types of novels. I thoroughly enjoy regency romance and some contemporary romance.


Some of my favorite reads are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Francine Rivers's "Redeeming Love," Elle Madison & Robin D. Mahle's Lochlann Treaty and Lochlann Feuds series, Clare Sager's Beneath Black Sails, Audrey Gray's Kingdom of Runes series, and Val Saintcrowe's series, Rise of the Death fae. I keep a tab on my website of my recent reads, too, so check that out if you want to know what all I'm reading.

As a child, I grew up watching the Discovery Channel with my Papa, Westerns with my dad, Classics with my grandma, and Star Trek with my mom. Yes, she drug me to the theater to see Captain Kirk in all his glory. We even had a Christmas tree decked out from top to bottom in nothing but Star Trek ornaments. As for me, I chose to watch Dungeons and Dragons (the cartoon series), She-ra, and He-man on Saturday mornings. I think these have all influenced my idea of magical worlds and creatures. The first romance book ever put in my hands was from my aunt who I visited in the summers during middle school. She's also the woman who taught me to ride a horse and that making jam was a real thing.


As a mom who has done lots of driving with my kids, I spent years making up stories to entertain them. You know, before the TV/DVD became a basic commodity in vehicles. We also received advice once from a counselor one of our daughters went to. She was having lots of nightmares for a while, and we didn't know how to help her. The counselor said we needed to change the ending, so whenever our daughter had a nightmare, I'd lay there with her and make up a new story with the basics of her nightmare, turning it into some fun, fantastical adventure. It worked. Nightmares stopped, but soon, it became something I was doing for all of my kids, and the next thing I knew, I was writing them down and putting them into an album for all of the kids to read...for fun. Now those stories are finally working their way into print. My oldest daughter is anticipating one in particular which includes dragons.


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My Writing Companions

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Well, it is almost Christmas. Wow. Time has flown by. Hope you've all made the 'nice' list.

Before we know it, it will be 2024!

Seriously. Where has time gone?

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