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The Sleeping Princess cover redo jpg.jpg
The Sleeping Princess
Twisted Tales: Crown of Roses Book 1

A sleeping princess, the Crown of Roses upon her head, will rise up and unite the faerie courts against a common foe, and by her side, the warrior of renown. That’s what the legends say. But what happens when no one remembers the legend?Outcast and cursed from even uttering her own name, Snow flees her kingdom and The Hunter sent to kill her, to find refuge amongst the mountain dwarfs. She spends years forming a plan to save her kingdom from the curse the evil queen, Isadora, has plagued them with – one which makes them forget the truth. Yet, The Hunter who once pursued her finds her again and thwarts all of her well-laid plans…until she develops a new plan which involves kidnapping the prince of the Summer Court. What Snow didn’t expect, however, was that the prince she intended to kidnap is The Hunter she was trying to avoid…or was she?

Broken Curse cover redo jpg.jpg
Broken Curse
Twisted Tales: Crown of Roses Book 2

With Snow asleep and under a curse, Philip and Vinurien venture into Furi to see the king of the Animal Court in hopes of finding the Crown of Roses. After searching for years, Philip has finally found his soul bond only to have her fall into oblivion. However, he soon discovers that the soul bond is pulling him into the cursed darkness with her and the Furian king takes drastic measures to free him from the pull. In Furi, secrets are kept and Philip struggles to understand who Snow is and if she’ll ever wake.Audora has awakened from her curse only to discover that she’s manifested into fae form. And not only does she have new, pointy ears and sharper canine teeth that she never expected, but she is now a sparrow…something she’s not sure how to control. In search of her true love, Audora flees Wessix for The Wilds where she quickly discovers the magic and deadliness of that world. 


“I must find him,” she whined. “It is important.”

“What is so important that you’d risk your life?” he asked.

“He’s…well…he’s my true love, and I must find him.”

The man laughed softly, pulling away from her slightly. “Your true love?”

It sounded a little naïve to say it out loud and with this man laughing at her, she felt childish for having said it at all. “Have you never loved anyone?” she asked.

“That,” he clicked his tongue, “is a very personal question. One that is also foolish to ask of a drow.”

“A drow?”

He laughed again. “Do you not know where you are, little bird? This is The Wilds. I am a drow, and you are in danger. There are no human stable boys wandering about.” She began to protest, but he held up a gloved hand to stop her. “If your true love wandered into this place, he is no longer here. My people will have killed him, or some other creature will have done us the favor.”

“The favor?” She was incredulous to believe that someone would want to kill Peter—or anyone—simply because…because…because what, exactly? “Why would anyone want Peter dead?”

“Is that the name of the true love you seek? Peter?” She nodded and he continued, “Well, little bird, Peter is not here.” He stood and held out his hand to help her to her feet. Begrudgingly, she took it. “No human has ever lasted a night in The Wilds.”

“I managed just fine.”

“You’re not a human.”

She wasn’t a human. She’d forgotten. Her hands flew to her ears, feeling their sharp points. Audora closed her eyes, remembering the moment she’d awoken in the courtyard and allowed her hands to brush across her ears and gently prod her face. Her cheek bones felt more prominent than she recalled, but otherwise, her face felt the same. The canines in her mouth felt different, lightly brushing the inside of her lower lip with a new, noticeable length.

“Strangely,” the drow said, “it seems as though you do not know what you are any better than you know where you are.”

Broken Curse introduces you to two of my all-time favorite characters:  Balthoron and Lord Colden and takes you on an amazing adventure into The Wilds--I love it a little bit.

Warrior of Renown redo cover.png
Warrior of Renown
Twisted Tales: Crown of Roses Book 3
ASIN: B0943T8G37

Eira is wearing the Crown of Roses and has been accepted as the Winter Queen of Cheimonas. With her, her sister, Audora, is learning to embrace her nature as a fae. Together, they must build up Cheimonas and learn who they can trust and who they cannot. Not everyone is as they seem and the path to fulfilling the prophecy, freeing their mother, and uniting the faerie courts isn’t as clear as they thought it would be.Audora continues to learn her heritage, embrace her winter powers, and move towards discovering her true love. Meanwhile, Eira’s heart is breaking and her bond to Philip is dying, but Philip isn’t eager to let her go.War is brewing. The Warrior of Renown comes into Eira’s life, however, when she needs him the most, keeping her secrets and helping her in ways she never expected. The human kingdoms are uniting with Isadora and the Summer Fae of Endari are falling in line with their queen, leaving Cheimonas and its Winter Court in the middle and fending off foes on two sides.The sisters will be tested in ways they could not have imagined as the prophecy comes to fulfillment and the lives of everyone in Shadoria will be changed forever.In this exciting conclusion of the Twisted Tales: Crown of Roses series, you will find answers, ask more questions, and be left with just as much heartache and happiness as its characters.

Ebook Cover_Becoming the Outlaws of Shirewood_Twisted Tales_Book 1.jpg
Becoming the Outlaws of Shirewood
Twisted Tales: Kingdom of Stones Book 1

Join the story of a brave witch, a rogue fae, a grandiloquent princess, and a pampered duke along with their entourage of friends as they steal from the imposter king, fight to save the nobility slated for public beheadings, maneuver the political chaos of their world, and find alliances where they least expect them.

Romance, magic, intrigue, and adventure awaits in this twisted fantasy adaptation series of Robin Hood and the Scarlet Pimpernel.

Snippet from Becoming the Outlaws of Shirewood

“Give her to me,” he snapped. With eyes closed, she allowed her head and arms to dangle lifelessly, bouncing with the transfer from the soldier to Ravenwood’s warm embrace. It was an extreme accomplishment to keep from grinning wildly at the satisfaction of having him hold her. Fool that she was.

“Your Grace, is the princess prone to swooning?” Major Ren grumbled. “This is the third time today.”

“This is a lot of physical activity, Major Ren, for a…woman,” he said, sounding disgusted by the term, “who I have rarely seen exert herself beyond dinner parties and discussing ladies’ fashion.” Ellison settled her on some cool grass in the shade.

His statement wasn’t entirely a lie, but it wasn’t entirely the truth either. Slowly, she was beginning to understand how fae could get away with half-truths.

She couldn’t see him, but she guessed Major Ren rolled his eyes and curled his lip as he often did when she complained of being tired or hungry or thirsty—all things she brought up regularly to the utter disgust of everyone in their traveling party. Periodically, Lizzy would sniffle or slouch, but she was unfortunately placed in the saddle with one of the Guardians.

“Perhaps you should allow one of my men to carry her,” Major Ren suggested.

Lizzy gasped from somewhere nearby; she must have been allowed down to tend to Blakeny. Her footsteps were soft and then she was there, her cool fingers pressing against her forehead.

“Your Grace,” Lizzy said, “she is overheated. I’ll need some water and—”

“She can stay unconscious,” Major Ren snapped. “We cannot afford all of these stops. At this rate, we will not arrive in St. Cyr until harvest.”

“Major, you do not have the authority here as I’m sure Prince Lochley will inform you. Princess Blakeny is unwell and…likely unaccustomed to the same physical exertion as you or I. We will take our time as necessary to ensure her well-being on this trip.”

Major Ren was silent for a moment before Blakeny heard his stomped retreat. Horses clip-clopped behind him and soon, she felt they were not being watched as closely. Slowly, she cracked open one eye then the other.

“Wha-what happened?” she asked, still feigning her spell for anyone who might be nearby.

To her surprise, Ellison let out a low chuckle. “You succeeded in causing Major Ren to make camp.”

Blakeny looked around slowly, reaching her hands out for Ellison and Lizzy to help her sit up. Wearing a corset made it difficult, which added to the illusion that she was weary.

“I wish you’d forgo wearing this contraption,” he said, tapping the boning. Her betrothed was disturbingly astute, but his forwardness shocked Lizzy once more. The poor girl gasped in surprise and if Blakeny were to turn and look at her, she knew she’d find her cheeks red. Truth be told, her own cheeks were likely flushed at the duke’s openness. The rest of her body gave a different response to his familiarity; a response she promptly ignored.

“And I wish I had never laid eyes on you,” she retorted, raising her chin.

He leaned his handsome face forward, a hint of humor in his eyes. “That’s not true at all, Blakeny, and we both know it.” In one smooth motion, he rose to his feet, sweeping her up in his arms as he did so. “Just as we both know you’d like to lay more than your eyes upon me.”

Outlaws of Shirewood ebook cover.jpg
Outlaws of Shirewood
Twisted Tales: Kingdom of Stones Book 2

Lady Mirayna and Zane have escaped the tower in St. Cyr and are making their way into the Shirewood Forest where she feels a belonging and hears whispers she can't quite understand. What she can understand is that the forest isn't quiet and it isn't as empty as she previously believed. Outlaws have taken up residency within the safety of the trees. Outlaws she comes to think of as family. Together, they discover secrets the imposter king wishes to keep from the rest of the kingdom and more the Council wishes no one to find.

Princess Blakeny and Duke Ravenwood have a history lesson to receive and a journey which will take them back across the ocean to Engelwood. What Blakeny learns, however, is that Engelwood is no longer her home and her place is beside her bondmate in a kingdom of turmoil. She discovers her life is not what she believed, people are not who they seem, and she must come to terms with it all while fighting for a kingdom where she is nothing more than an outlaw.

The lady and the princess will have obstacles to face while discovering old secrets and forgotten memories. New friends will emerge as will old ones...but not all are who they seem. There are friends and enemies, secrets and spies amongst them, but it is difficult to know which is which.

The third and final book of the Kingdom of Stones series will be coming soon. Thank you for being patient as Zane and Mirayna team up with Friar Tuck to defeat the Imposter King while Blakeny and Ellison gear up for their final battle...and the cementing of their bond.

coming soon

I also have a new series in the works. I was hoping for a standalone, but it may become a duology. We shall see...
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