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What I’m reading now

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

I'm always reading a book or two. You?

I have a few authors I always read and they happen to release their amazing stories within a short span of time from one another. That makes it hard to decide just what I should read first and when. Ugh. Does anyone else have that trouble? On top of that, I really do need to write book two of my upcoming series. It is a lot easier to read at night in bed, though, than it is to type without disturbing the hubby.

Thus, here are a few fun reads I'm currently working on and hope to have finished by the end of the year:

Scarlett Princess - It is the first book in the Lochlann Feuds series by my favorite author duo, Elle Madison and Robin D. Mahle. I have to say that I've been staring at this in my TBR pile mostly because every book of theirs I read, I get serious book hangover from, and I was waiting to begin the series when they finished it. Yes, I was 'that' girl on this one.

The Hidden Queen - Kenley Davidson writes fantastic stories, and this is the third book of four in her Legends of Abreia series. I'm honestly taking my time because her current plan is not to release the fourth book until the summer of 2022, if I remember correctly, and I am a super impatient person. But, I'm loving the book thus far.

The Unseelie Prince - Book one of Kathryn Ann Kingsley's Maze of Shadows series. It came highly recommended by #coldbrewhotbooks so I found myself adding it to my list. And the covers are pretty.

Hollen the Soulless: A Fantasy Romance - The series, Dokiri Brides, by Denali Day was something I ran across in a post on Facebook's 'Romantic Fantasy Shelf' group. If you have a thing for reading Romantic Fantasy, you should check out that group, but be sure to read the rules. all-time favorite, long awaited book...Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone by Diana Gabaldon. I know I won't get through this one before the end of the year, but I am definitely going to start it.

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